What is Forex Trading & How to do work on it?

How to do work on it?

1. In general, we also call it the FX market. It is made up of two words, one foreign and the other exchange, so we call it forex. Forex has become, it is trading in G currency, it is selling commodities, as you know, as soon as you go out of the country, you need their currency, if you go to the USA, put it. PKR will go there, otherwise you will need all these things immediately, wherever you go, in whatever country you will go, you will need the currency of that country. Are you wanting to buy something from Japan? For Japan, you need yen. When you buy yen from your bank, to buy that product, as soon as you buy yen from your bank, the value of yen increases. The value of PTR decreases because if you are exchanging PKR then the value of L will automatically increase and the more the value of PKR goes out of Pakistan, the more its value will decrease. The more dollars will come here, the more our Pakistan will be prized up, so this was just a small example, so it is the same in commodities, so it was very important for you to know that it has a definition. Copy it and save it to yourself and remember it so that if anyone asks you, you will know that it is the forex market or foreign exchange. Cosen by Four X Size of Four Market Who Knows Yes Quickly Ins.

2. In 2007, when a bank did a survey, it was 3.3 trillion in April 2010, then it was 4.3 trillion in April 10, 2011, 2013. In the last survey, Perday has increased its business to 53 trillion. Some people ask me how much we can earn in the force. I say man, do force. People ask what business we are doing. I say do forex. They say yes, there is no scam in it. I said yes, the scam is free.

3. They say yes in this scheme, I said yes, the scheme is free, then they ask how much we can earn in it, but if we invest, then I get worried, brother, what should I give them? I have gone round with cams and ponies, if I tell them about 4-5-3 trains, they will get worried, so much business is growing. That I think that in today’s time, the way we are scammed on the Internet, there is no better and pin-minute job than that. But if we learn and do it in a professional way, we should know one thing, we can earn from it and can do much more than we think. Ok, next question, tell me about the location of the forex. Who knows where the forex is located? It lasts for 24 hours, it doesn’t stop and it keeps changing its location, it starts from Sydney, it opens in Sydney on Mondays and then it goes around all week and ends on Friday, it’s Chicago. I think those who are central points are in different places, those who are local are in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, New York, Chicago, etc. or Sydney, so they have offices in these places, but it is not in any place, it is electric marketing. Electric has not stopped at any one place, so there is no concept of stopping in it. It is open five days a week and runs 24 hours a day. If you want to earn time, then you have no time limit, no time because I can do it in the morning, but not in the evening. You can do it whenever you want. You have to follow some Russians. ABCD and JUST DONE UP have traded and you have earned profit, close the same trade or take your profit at the same time and go to the side, this is your job, you are working, you are a housewife. Either you are a businessman or you are absolutely free, you met just like me, so you are absolutely 100 percent perfect for this job, so there is no central point. It closes on Friday in Chicago, so here’s a definition of it, yes, I have a house YP in my webinar, Aftab Arif, brother. And just as there are all kinds of people in my webinar, all kinds of people can do it, from mouth to mouth and from expert to expert. Better for that

4. There are some people in my webinar who are very experts and who are my teachers are also present in this webinar. We’re going to do webinars, so there’s something for everyone, OK, next is, what about Forex, what about Fix Trading in Forex, OK. Who doesn’t know, let me tell you, there are pairs in it. Two currencies are combined to form one currency. The first pair is Euro or USD. If both of them are combined, it will become a pair. They also have two pairs. These are separate pairs. If you want to work in currencies, first of all you should know what currency is. I have told you how the currency of any country is made. Also told, now here is a concept of Euro USD, what is Euro USD, you should know then these people should know that we have to match them, so when the price of Euro will go up, then you SDK will definitely be downloaded automatically so a newbie should know this concept in mind and he should know its definition in the same way as I have written here. Keep everything in your mind and no matter how expert you are, anyone can trap you by asking you such a question, so it is important for you to know from the start, then we will go to the states, God willing, I will reboot with you. Here is the indicator, I will share everything, strategies, candles, fundamentals, etc. We will go through all of them, but it is very important to go through the basics. The symbols are as I was telling you that when two currencies are combined, one symbol is formed, so here I have given the symbols USD, Euro and its country, I have also given its currency. Nick and I have given names that are important for you guys to know and we will work them on the currencies that the symbols that I have given will work on the same symbols so that these are the symbols or these are the currencies that some After some time, they return to their center point. How will it be that this will be the solution to deal with the problems that we have with a lot of account washing? That is why it is important that you work on these major concepts that you Working on USD Work on Europe Work on Japanese Zen Work on Grade Bit Pound Work on CHF Canada New Zealand Australian Dollar Work on Good if it was, these are some of the symbols that The economy is very strong and their currencies keep returning to this point every time.

5. It went up, then it went down, it went up a lot, then after six months, it came back to the same place. If you want to work on these currencies, then you will benefit more. What you should know, these are all the things that will help you a lot as you grow up. Look, I saw it for the first time when I was making it, so these are the things that we will know, then we will be able to study it further, so it is very important for you to know all of them because if you If you don’t know these basic things, then read the above article. Tomorrow, you don’t know what KV is. Check this. What is New Zealand, what is its dollar, its name is KV, its nickname is KV. If you read KV in an article, you will not know if KV is dear, what is the call, so you get stuck, so to avoid these things, you should know everything professionally. OK, here currency pairs are created. We got two symbols and I presented them as an example for you. It is very important to know yourself professionally and it is very important to have these things with you so that you will need them anytime and especially for the new people who are attending this webinar, this is very important. It is a good thing to see that when the USD was combined, it became a pair. Before it was two separate currencies, the Euro and the USD. When the currencies of the two countries were mixed together, it became a pair. When you speak, you will easily understand that any person who is reading now will understand the dollar or you will understand that he is talking about USDJPY. There are currencies other than USDCHF and these are their peers that I have made. Some of these are very many of the major currencies. will work because as I have told you before, their economy is very strong, OK, here and there, I have taken out some care of the Euros. Euro CL Chief Euro GBP Euro Canada Euro New Zealand Australia I am telling this by separating everything, that’s why if a new person attends or an old person attends, then what we will do is not that person should not say that. Man, I don’t know about such a thing, so I want to clear each and every currency and every thing from the start so that no one will have a problem when going to the next one. In addition to the currency, there are pairs of yen. Look in front of you. Euro JPY is the same as the USD with the Euro, so is the JPY with the Pound. I was doing SD etc. Now with Pond JP has gone, CHF Canada and with Sterling it is the same. There are insta-exins which have currency of Pakistan in them, they are not working

6. If they have a peer of Pakistan, then you have not informed them about it, otherwise I would have given you their example, that’s why I am not giving you this example here. Sir Pir Mughalbhai, I don’t know the value of Pakistan’s currency, but I hope it will be available soon, God willing. Our economy is not that strong. If we don’t buy Pakistan rupees, then he will be stuck. Pakistan dollar is now strong. Earlier, it was very weak. Likewise, I bought some British pounds. Pairs have been suggested here, some examples have been taken out so that you people can see and know how a pair is made. It is simple. Yes, by mixing two currencies, we make a pair. Gee for some time but I don’t know anything about Pakistan currency like see now 97 below 95 then it has gone up OK Gee it’s a basic

7. OK, this is a basic, I have discussed with you, everything will happen in the next future, so those of you who are doing trading and making losses will say, man, we knew these things before, you are very knowledgeable. The increase is fine, but how are we going to trade tomorrow? Seen from a deep start of trading, InshaAllah we will see some strategies in the next webinar. Why do we repeatedly say in the group, “Signal, signal, signal, okay, why don’t we know ourselves where the euro has gone, where the USD has gone, but I will clarify this one thing for you here. I want you to become an expeding guru as soon as you want. You can never be like someone else

8. So you are sitting at the computer and you tell me that yes, Euro will go here, no, it doesn’t happen. The one who is technical will do analysis, chemical pattern finding is his strategy, he will see and then he will analyze and tell or he will watch the news or whatever is the method of trading, tell people about it in the webinar. I want to prepare you guys for a discipline. I have to trade in this way, my trading style will be this, my strategy will be this, I will do the fundamentals or I will do it with candlestick, what is the trading, these are the strategies, we will discuss them further in this webinar. K THROW I want to create the mindset of JUST UP and tell new people what is the difference so after you know forex foreign exchange and now we have to make money by buying and selling in it so immediately after that. Then the question of people is that what should I sell the left crore and by whom and when should I sell the EuroUSD and when should I do it? This is the question that will change every minute and every hour. As long as you are sitting on top of the computer screen when you are trading you choose yes I will trade at night I will do it in the evening or I will do the news time then in the computer you have 15 20 minutes or 40 50 You will have to sit down and do whatever pattern you have to the ABC, you will have to look at your strategy, you will have to work according to your plan. Let’s go, man, this market is going here, now I have to do it, now I have to buy, now I have to sell, then you will know there.

9. This question is for those who, if you are 24 and free, you will make your own roll. You will make your own pattern. Have to day on tradant when do we lose when we do ane wa trading simple punjabi word we do word trading and grady is in our eyes greens in our mind when we sleep when we wake up when we go to the bathroom our greens shadow We are thinking that yes, I am sitting in the talks, I will try to put it on the computer and I will do it by Mr. Market and I will become a millionaire. It doesn’t happen. This thing is something that I I want to clear the brain of this webinar or what we will do, so whenever you do trading, do it in the New York session, they have sessions, do it in the Sydney session or if you do trading in any session, then you You need to know about his session, you need to know how much movement is happening in this fashion, how much moment there will be, and you need to know what time the news is, and you need to know what my budget is. How much is it and how much do I have to trade all these things in one place?

10. I want to make it clear in front of you that I will tell you a news website, so you must watch the news on it. That is the best buy-for-expectation website for that. It is for those people if you want to watch newstime, your newstime, if your budget is low or your account is a little small, then try not to trade your newstime, then all the forks in front of newstime up. Go to Start Force Ustad’s forex factory, God willing, Focus Ustad is also in a hurry. Step forex strategies will be taught. First, we will give you the full command of the software. We will tell you what indicators you need. After that, we will provide you with all the tools we have. Then we’ll take you through strategies with a mind set, a mind set, a pattern, candlesticks, candlesticks, the most famous strategy, and let me give you a little introduction. It is a very powerful strategy and it has a tool, it has different types of patterns and I will show you all the patterns that I am trading and earning by working on them. Well, in it, the signals, etc., which you are analyzing, etc. will all be in it. You will get help that you don’t have to go to any other strategy. It has a lot of patterns. It has about 100 patterns. I will try to share them with you. I’ll do a webinar where we’ll discuss Cain University, so I’ll teach you about candlesticks, plus we’ll discuss fundamental trades, and we’ll have webinars on top of that, and I’ll try to get at least Make sure to do the webinar at least two times. Fundamentals are also very high. If you have chances of profit. If you want to earn from forex trading, then you have to make a plan by yourself, make a rules by yourself, think by yourself and follow the rules by making your own planning, then you will have to trade. Okay, I was going to share with you some rules and some things about the forex factory and forex fact factory. By doing this, your timing will be matched with Pakistan and you will not need to match his timing again and again or you will not need to. Accounts will be added here and you will not need to go to the report of each account separately, you can add your trading account and the trading accounts that have been added. You can make their report public or you can keep it hidden, it’s your choice

11. Let me tell you here briefly, this is G News of November 10 and the results of these news have also been released. First of all, there is Eurocan News. This is Impact. Who is showing this is low impact if there is medium impact here then it will be color and if there is high impact then it will be red color then high impact is only one news and that is Australia’s So Jo Joe people Australian pair. For them, 30 minutes of seven o’clock is very imported with 730 because at that time when the news will come, the result will come, then the market will flush very much at once and whatever its up or down. As a result of this, it will make a movement, so it is very important for you people to know because many of you are doing ready trading, so I will request all of them to do a fore-expectant visit. You must visit his news. OK, what is different between low and high. Abdul Rauf, the low impact news in low and high is the movement in it. The chances of reading its impact on the market are less if you The market may not move as long as the views are there, but if it is a medium impact news, it may move 20, 30 or 40, 50. If it is a high impact news, it may move 200. Or if the day move is done on 5th or the same time is moved to the time of news, then it means that if you have bought and sold, then the news update is gone, then your account will be washed immediately. Maybe, sorry, you can reduce the news. It is not that some of the people from News News are my friends who trade during the news. Inshallah, when our next webinar will be held, I will give you tools on Metatrader. I will provide them with news tools and I will tell you whether people should trade or not at the time of the news. I will give you a total guide, whatever strategy we will work on, like we work on Kenostic, then I will tell you immediately that whatever you have analyzed on Kenostic, whatever results you are getting. If it is news time, then try to close your rates, but there are many other things in it, you may trade in at the time of news, so the patterns that will tell you in channelistic are different. Separately or in fundamentals, in this fundamental, we have to do total trading with the news, so all the new people who are doing up trading or are already doing it will benefit from it. Yes, I have no demand, just learn and if possible, those who will work with my link will get live support on Skype and I will solve their problems immediately for everyone else.

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