Trading Mind Set Psychology Forex Market

Trading Mind Set Psychology Forex Market

I am going to tell you a very special information about trading mindset psychology and I am going to tell you the reality of the market in which 90 percent traders lose their money and 10 percent make money in this market.

We learn in this way:

They practice in such a way that they make money, the 10 percent never make the mistakes, never make the mistakes that the 90 percent are usually making, the 90 percent trader is always Making money in the market depends on whether you want to be attached to the 90 percent or the 10 percent. If you want to go with the percentages, 10% do some hard work that 90% can’t do.

Two Many traders treat trading like a game:


1. Trading is like a game to them. Trading is not a game but a proper business. A game has some urgent rules, but a business always has important rules. The game is played for a few days to relax your mind but the business always has to be dealt professionally and it has to be learned by being a professional trader. Always one who comes into this business professionally who works will consider this business as professional only then he will be able to trade in it if a trader will treat it like a game like many others. Traders think that this training is only buying and selling button pressing the name of trading, then it is like you are the urgent role of your game that to play the game you touch some up right and left button, some up and down. Touch the button as if you are playing your game. There are many things different between game and business. Both game and business are opposites.

Where you want to start a business, what will be the steps, what will be the sequence, and the future of this business will be created in the same way that the trader runs this business by taking this trading as a business. He always succeeds in the world of training and makes his name in the world of training and the trader who trades his trading like a game is always called a loser trader and he always makes his name in this market. The money will be lost, the funding will be lost, the confidence will be lost, and he will not know at all that, man, what is the reason why I have lost my money? He will never correct, nor did he ever enter the world of trading as a professional, nor did he ever understand this business as a professional, nor did he ever understand the principles and courses of this business as a trader. Who will take this trading business as a business, he will be successful in this trading world. Point number three: Professional trader, what is the difference between a professional trader and a non-professional trader? It doesn’t and a professional trader always trades with a plan out. A non-professional trader will never know what time to trade while a professional trader will know what time to trade. A non-professional trader will never know. What is my trading time and profile trado will know what is my trading time

2. In-profession trader never manages his time Professional trader always manages his time Non-professional trader never manages his risk Professional trader always trades by managing his risk Professional trader always has full knowledge A non-professional who trades with incomplete knowledge still loses money. In the non-professional trader market you will find every non-professional who has incomplete knowledge and incomplete knowledge of his trading. You will not know even basic things from Sik, so if you want to become a professional trader, then make this your mindset that if I want to become a professional trader, then I should know all the complete information about what time I should trade. What time should I trade? What days should I trade with? What should I trade with and what method should I trade with? It will help you grow and become a professional trader. Treat your mind like a professional and your mind will make you a professional trader. If you do, you will always lose money in the market. You will never make money. A professional trader has a very good reading style. works according to the coach’s rules, then you have to make your mindset that if you want to become a professional trader, then you have to do your things accurately. Accuracy vs. non-professional trader point no. A professional trader spends most of his time learning when he doesn’t have to trade. Usually when we trade, I don’t have a day that I don’t learn. Not even a single page of the player’s book has not been lost. A professional trader learns very well. Development and improvement of his skills and improvement of his profit target Non-professional will never spend his time spending time on learning He will not be interested in learning within learning and perfectionist A trader who is always his interest his knowledge his very good notes will be connected with his books he will always be very good in reading style he will improve a lot of things along with reading he will write things from his things. And as much as a professional I am a trader, I am talking as a trader because whatever we want is the field of a doctor, an engineer is a field, an IT percentage is a field, an expert, whatever we want. There are fields in which a professional spends his time on his learning, his skills develop and develop, then he will go to good positions. If he is a manager, then he spends time. He will become a senior manager if he is spending more time on his learning then later he will become a head if he is spending more time on his learning then he will become a director just like a professional trader. The more time he spends on learning, the more he benefits in making his trades more profitable, the more he benefits in risk-reward management, and the more time he spends. The one who spends more on his knowledge, spends on learning, helps him out in his trading, tells him what time to trade, tells him what time to trade. Not trading time tells him what mistakes the big players make.

3. It tells you what mistakes the big players make and what mistakes you should not make and the professional trader spends so much time and develops such good skills that he trades more than his own. Profitability has more accuracy in taking it and what time to trade among the many factors that lead to it. Spend more of your time on your learning and watch the videos I am making for you. I am shooting the first video for you and I will tell you that please watch this video again and again and again. Professional trader should have complete information. Write down your stuff. If I repeat things to you again and again, listen to them again and again and write them down on your notepad so that you know what kind of mindset a professional trader develops and brings. The way it develops, what is its learning style and the more time you spend on your learning, I guarantee you that you will become a very good trader. Your work will be better than others and your progress will be better than others.Work that involves a lot of hard work will make more money. The more you work hard, the more your profit margin will increase. Your char reading style will become the best. Heart working is very important in any field. Hard working is very important. Hard working is a one-time effort. If you spend it, people will spend it. To become a good trader it is very important to go inside the market and spend hard working up to do what your flesh tells you. Stop doing those things, do those things that you are told to do.

4. See, I can tell you one thing very well that whatever Sajid sir told me to do, I did what he told me to do. stopped me I stopped doing the things they told me to do best What is working up the better you do in training I can tell you with a guarantee that you can progress much better. Prepare your notes as much as possible within the writing. Now share this video as many times as possible. Well, when you listen to it enough times, you will get enough points to write it. Even if you don’t get it the first time, even if you don’t get it the second time, I am honestly saying that as I said in my first video, how many times do I listen to the videos of my head? Maybe I’ve heard it, but even if I listen to it, I hear a lot of these things again, so I write them down and write them on my notepad and stick them to the front of my chart so that Remember this, spend your maximum heart-working on your learning because as I told you, 50 percent is psychology. If you want to do this, I can guarantee you that you will go into the life of a very good trader and you will have a very good name here and there in Pakistan if you do this hard work. Number Six Road Map All these things that I told you in the outline of the trading course were basically the road map. The road map is important for you to know. For a job or to go anywhere, if he goes out after planning, then this is my road map. He reaches his destination very quickly and very well and can reach the road map that I have told you. Things are up to you, what you have to do, my full effort is with you, I will give you full knowledge, I will give you transparent knowledge, I will tell you the reality of the market, how to make money from the market and what is the successful formula from where. Money is made then I will teach you the profitable formula of trading on the last but what I have told you in the step by step road map is the same road map we will follow the things that I am telling you step by step up. I’m going to tell you on sequence, write it down, write it down, and do what I say, do what I say, stop what I say, your road map. Let’s go through everything step by step. Now that I have missed the points, write down the points that I have told you, return it, read it and repeat it again and again so that you get a lot of things in your mind. Get injected into and understand your roadmap well.

5.  Look at point number seven, in the world of trading, money is made by those who know complete knowledge. There is a lot of money in this market, but only 10 percent of people who are professionals make money. Money will always call us losers and professionals always. Money will be made in this market. If I tell you, how much money will there be in this market, the turnover of the market is over thousands of billions of dollars. There is no inside as good as you can make money uptrading as well as comfortably as you can make money uptrading as well as you can win in lifestyle uptrading and as well as you can do things in improvement uptrading and it’s yours. Self business is your own business when you want to trade, when you want to trade, when you want to give it time and when you want to work with it, but only professionals make money in this field and who are those professionals? What kind of work do they do? What style of knowledge do they have? Yes, you will have to develop the quality, you will have to develop the skills, you will have to develop the knowledge, then you will be able to make money from this market. One can never make money because he has incomplete knowledge, he has incomplete information, now those who are retail traders, those who are loser traders will never know trading psychology, they will never know money management. They will never know risk management, they will never know reward management because they have incomplete knowledge, incomplete knowledge always leads you to loss and complete knowledge always saves you from big loss. Different things are what I have said and I am repeating that incomplete knowledge always leads you into great harm and complete knowledge always saves you from great harm. If you have full knowledge then I guarantee you that you will make money from this market and if you have incomplete knowledge then you can never make money from this market not today not tomorrow not two days later from this market You will return the money to this market twice as much money as you made and end up you will be in trouble, you will be trapped in tension, now you will have to face a lot of problems that will be your name too bad. It will happen that your work will also be damaged.

6. If you are going to pursue a new strategy, remember that strategy is always 20 percent of you, your complete hypermarket method, 50 percent of your trading psychology, 30 percent of your money management, and 20 percent of your trading hybrid. The method is if you have 100 percent knowledge, I guarantee that your earning probabilities are greatly increased. Those with incomplete knowledge can never make personal money. Point inside the world of training. Number nine will remember that a teacher has studied many things, whether he is a school teacher, whether he is a college teacher, whether he is a university teacher, whether he is from any relevant field. Your coach is your guru or your teacher. If you stop it, you will benefit from it and not lose it. Follow the rules of your coach and your teacher. You will reach above the destination pin point and you will not have to face any obstacle. To train them as soon as possible, Masha Allah, I train them in many good ways. They do what you stop them from doing. That’s my formula for success. That’s what my coach and my teacher told me to do. Since they stopped me I stopped with the same things Point No. 10 No Earning Without Learning What I said again I am repeating No Earning Without Learning If you are not able to earn Kamal, then you know that your proper way. If you are not able to earn in a proper way, it means that if you did not learn in a proper way.

7. You didn’t learn. You didn’t read. You didn’t focus on some of the things you were told to read. A leader has the best reading style. A leader is always the one who reads. Education is the most powerful weapon. I mostly put this thing in the title of my videos and usually in my videos I must say that man. That education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the whole world, which you can use to change your lifestyle, which you can use to make a good place among people. By using which you can create a good destination for yourself, the more people spend time on learning, the better you can create your own earning style, the better you spend time on learning. You will do better and better, you will become better and better with your learning and your earning.

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